Fees & Insurance

New Patient sessions last about one and half hour. The first visit includes an in-depth discussion of patient's health concerns. The patient will be assessed from a Chinese medicine theory, which may include having pulses taken, looking at tongue and palpating abdomen. Chinese Medical Diagnosis will be followed by a treatment.

Return patient sessions last between 40 min to 1 hour. For all follow-up appointments, the practitioner will briefly talk about the patient's current health condition and the progress the patient made from the last treatment, then a treatment will be followed.

Herbal Consult last about 30 minutes. Like the new patient session, the practitioner diagnoses the patient according to Chinese medical theory, then a or couple of herbal formula will be provided.

Service Rate
Acupuncture - New Patients                                                 $80.00
Acupuncture - Return Patients                                             $60.00
Herbal Consultation (without acupuncture)                     $40.00*
Herbal Formula                                                                       $37.00 ~ $49.00
* Herbal consultation fee is waived when acupuncture treatment is provided

Discount Program
3 sessions of Acupuncture Treatments (5% discount)                             $160.00
5 sessions of Acupuncture Treatments (10% discount)                           $270.00
10 sessions of Acupuncture Treatments (20% discount)                         $480.00

Payment Options
Major Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard) or Cash

Right now, Self Healing Acupuncture & Herb does not submit insurance directly, but can provide an itemized receipt (super bill). The itemized receipt includes procedure and diagnostic codes that the patient can submit to his/her insurance carrier or health savings account so that the patient may be reimbursed according to his/her plans' guidelines. If the patient has a flexible spending account through his/her employer it may be used to pay for acupuncture treatment with pretax dollars. Please check with the insurance company for its rules about acupuncture coverage and reimbursement.

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Andrew Bosun Kim
NCCAOM certified acupuncturist
L.Ac, MSOM, Ph.D.
Phone: 623)266-0103
e-mail: bosunk@gmail.com
4410 W. Union Hills Dr. #A8
Glendale, AZ 85308

Clinic Hours
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Sat. Appointment available