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The Clinic

Self Healing Acupuncture & Herb is located on the northwest corner of Union Hills Dr and 43rd Ave in the Asiana Market mall area in Glendale, Arizona.


Self Healing Acupuncture & Herb has three treatment rooms with comfortable treatment beds and TDP lamps. We also have an Ergo-Wave rolling massage table to provide patients with complimentary back massages.







Self Healing Acupuncture & Herb has an herbal room where the practitioner prepares customized Chinese herbal regimens, designed to be most effective for each individual patient and their unique ailments. More than 200 herbal formulas are prepared to immediately service the patients' various needs. 




Clinic Hours:
Monday-Friday | 9:30 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Saturday | by appointment only

Andrew Bosun Kim
NCCAOM certified acupuncturist
L.Ac, MSOM, Ph.D.
Phone: (623) 266-0103
email: bosunk@gmail.com
4410 W. Union Hills Dr. #A8
Glendale, AZ 85308