Jan Norwood

Wake up everybody. Get off your walkers and out of your wheel chairs and pay attention. This is serious stuff. It's about your health. It's also about WONDER AND WELLNESS, and the ancient Chinese methods of ensuring good health. That's because this past week a bunch of us mostly over-the-hill types high-tailed it off to an Asian Mall in Glendale, Az., and spent some serious time with BOSUN KIM, a South Korean and educated Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. We were very impressed with him, with his personality, and most of all his knowledge about all forms of medicine, ancient and modern, as well as symptoms we all experience in our daily lives.

It seems, in the Orient, doctors and practitioners are seeking to treat the root causes of diseases and afflictions rather than trying to alleviate the problems associated with those root causes. It is equal to merely popping a pimple (Western Medicine) without actually draining it of all of its infectious contents (Eastern or Asian Medicine). As a herbalist and acupuncturist, his role as he explained it, is to work with patients on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual at one time, as a complete unit, seeking to bring harmony and balance back into a person's life. Plus adding diet, exercise, and a variety of other solutions, including herbals. And, most of all, Herbalistic Medicine is there, as I explained before, to uncover the cause of a problem and cure it. Of course, our Medical Insurance never pays for anything worth while that can really cure us, but Bosun only charges $50 for a visit that includes an hour of evaluation and in many cases also acupuncture or a discussion of herbal remedies for individual cases. For any of you who are interested, please call him at 623 266-0103 or check him out on-line at www.selfhealingacu.com

While we were there, he mentioned he is working to restore mobility and an active return to normal active life for an very overweight man with serious diabetes who recently suffered a severe stroke, and we actually met a lady who has suffered serious osteoarthritis, going to him now for a month and who has very much improved. And, of course, yours truly here, absolutely believes in Chinese herbal remedies, having first hand knowledge of taking an inexpensive pill to break up and destroy a large painful kidney stone without having to undergo surgery, and having my late husband take an inexpensive Chinese anti-cancer pill that miraculously shrunk a large tumor around his vocal cords. 

June 5, 2015
Jan Norwood

Corina Herr

Dear Dr. Kim,
From January through June of this year, you were (and are) definitely one of my most valuable resources!
Thank you for the work you did. Your knowledge, expertise, kind and through manner really helped me restore my mental and physical health.
I really recommend and sincerely appreciate your acupuncture services!
Thank you again.
Corina Herr

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Andrew Bosun Kim
NCCAOM certified acupuncturist
L.Ac, MSOM, Ph.D.
Phone: 623)266-0103
e-mail: bosunk@gmail.com
4410 W. Union Hills Dr. #A8
Glendale, AZ 85308